The greatest place on earth, the greatest time of the year

The arrival of June also means, the arrival of poppy season.

Assisi, Italy

That time my mom hauled me to Assisi and made me sit still at a lavender farm where there were 9 million bees to chase…

Megan’s Second Shoot

Megan, when I was loading your photos, I was listening to my Sound Cloud album titled, “WA” and it all just… fit you. Looking forward to us all being out west so I can take you to do “vampire things.”…

Christmas, 2016

When he asked, “What do you want for Christmas this year?” I looked down and touched Mabel’s soft little head. Then I said, “I have everything I want.”


Venice is 8 hours from my house. And so I went.

Calm green

When it’s foggy and rainy in Tuscany, the color of the olive leaves becomes more calming than it already is.

Bella Italia

We stumbled upon the olive harvest in Tuscany last week.

Megan. Senior year, 2016.

I first met this girl when she was still little enough to hug me around my midsection. Now she has to bend down a little, and wraps her head around mine. We are blessed enough to be in the same…

Fall is here… at last.

“I fell for you like autumn leaves.” -Ellie Goulding


The kindest thing to ever happen to me happened yesterday on German soil, of all places, where women like me are usually invisible. As a result, I came home with these flowers.